Hairdreams Lengthening & Volume+ Hair Thickening Solution

Hairdreams uses luxurious 100% human hair strands and is the first full-service, in-salon hair thickening system that offers individualized custom solutions for fine, thin hair and severe hair loss. Systems include hair thickening/lengthening with Hairdreams Nano, Quikkies, MicroLines, TopHair and HighLines.


Each unique hair service supplements your own hair with premium-grade, hand-selected 100% human hair. Hairdreams hair strands match your hair in color, length and texture, creating the most natural look and feel. Application is easy and gentle, and its exceptional durability allows you to carry on your daily routines with no limitations. Volume+ features four unique hair services:


Hair Thickening/Lengthening with Hairdreams Nano

The Laserbeamer NANO System is the most innovative method to create natural fullness and length in a very gentle manner. Hairdreams' 100% real human hair combines with patented NANO Technology that invisibly integrates into your own hair. The additional hair strands are permanent, which means they become a natural part of your hair. Style your hair as you normally do, your Hairdreams hair can withstand any activity and always look perfect! Nano strands last approximately 4-6 months.


Hairdreams Quikkies

Thickening/lengthening extra-fine, 2-color strands for brilliant effects. The Quikkies are tiny, self-adhesive strips that are made from special ultra-light microfiber gauze with premium human hair strands attached to it. It allows for fast, gentle and long-lasting integration into your own hair. Hairdreams Quikkies can be re-used several times, with a wearing period of 4-6 weeks.


Hairdreams MicroLines

The proven method for hair loss and thin hair, the MicroLines method integrates a micro-fine, virtually invisible hair net into the client’s existing hair. A Bonding ring, made from a special crystal polymer material, is gently and durably worked into the client’s hair. The MicroLines have high-grade human hair attached to them that matches your own hair in color and length. The result is natural volume added to hair in the crown area. The MicroLines lasts approximately 6-8 months.


Hairdreams HighLines

Providing thickening with amazing highlight effects, the HighLines is permanently attached to the crown area via the Bonding ring technique. Hair is pulled through the extra-wide net, blending beautifully with the Hairdreams hair. With the HighLines System, any hairstyle requiring fullness and volume in the crown area is possible. The HighLines can be used for about 6-8 months.


Hairdreams TopHair

Extra-fast, extra-flexible thickening for fine and thinning hair, the Hairdreams TopHair simply attaches to the crown with clips. It thickens and lengthens hair in the crown area, and allows for styles with exact partings. You can easily remove it yourself and reattach it as desired. It can also be attached permanently with the use of the Bonding ring technique. The TopHair can be used for approximately 6-8 months.


Initial Consultation

Prior to hair extension services, I will meet with you to discuss the treatment options that will best help you achieve your specific goals. Pricing for extension services varies and is based on each client's individualized needs.




Cancellation Policy

No-shows and cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 25% of services.


Learn More About Hair Extensions

As one of San Antonio's premiere Hair Extension salons, I am partnered with Hairdreams and Halo Couture, two of the leading names in the industry. To learn more about hair extensions, and the systems offered by each of these companies, follow the links below.